Collection: Rich Selfridge

Rich Selfridge is a glass artist who has been honing his craft since 2000. In 2012, he began teaching, inspiring over 800 children each summer and deepening his own passion for glasswork. Constantly exploring new techniques, Rich's commitment to learning fuels his artistic evolution. His pieces, ranging from small trinkets to large sculptures, draw inspiration from life's beauty and complexity. Through his art, Rich invites viewers to pause and appreciate the transformative power of creativity, offering a glimpse into his vibrant world of glass. 

He welcomes custom orders and loves the challenge of bringing vision to reality via his unique medium. He also loves to demonstrate and share with others the unique process of glassblowing.

When he's not creating glass, you can find him hanging out with his kids, demonstrating glassblowing at an event, involved in a creative project or tearing up the slopes on his snowboard.