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Silver Dreams

Silver Dreams

by Ariel Banks

Regular price $445.00
A cascading sweep of light meeting darkness. Limited Edition stretch canvas print with acrylic paint by Ariel Banks: 2 versions made, only 1 available.

Artist's Note: Ariel Banks' work is crafted digitally with a fractal base, then painted over in a computer program. The piece is then printed onto a canvas wrap print and touched up with acrylic paint to emphasize certain colors and shapes.

With this particular piece, the artist printed two identical prints and then painted over each subsequently. No more prints will be made.

Dimensions: 40 in. x 26 in.
Frame: Gallery Wrapped.
Paintings and sculptures are not available for purchase online, please contact the Painted Finch Gallery at 814-664-3053 if you wish to purchase this piece.

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